V.S. Gurevich


Tourist attraction means an assessment of the region’s ability to meet the needs of potential tourists. The Jewish Autonomous region is a specific area, which is unlike others, and, therefore, attractive to tourists. In order to better imagine what might attract tourists to the Jewish Autonomous region besides its name, it is necessary to put yourself in the place of people who have heard and  read something about the Jewish autonomy, but have not been to it, and who want to get a complete information about the region. In this article, the author reveals the tourist potential of the region, sharing with potential guides some interesting facts from the autonomy history, the types of its individual objects, regional problems and solutions aimed to create even greater attractiveness of the region.

The attractiveness of the Jewish Autonomous region lies in its distinctive history, diverse natural resources, including rare and large reserves of minerals, thermal mineral healing springs and fantastic landscapes. It goes without saying, tourists are interested in the regional culture, primarily the  Jewish one, which is also an important factor of tourist attraction. 

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Jewish Autonomous region; tourist attraction; natural resources; attractions.


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