Effects of long-term fertilization on Strontium (Sr) and Vanadium (V) in agricultural soils of Primorye in Russia under climate change

Yuliya A. Kosheleva, Yana O. Timofeeva


Strontium (Sr) and Vanadium (V) are potentially dangerous for the natural environment. Little is known about the accumulation and mobility thought soils profi les of different Sr and V forms. Several studies of Sr and V distribution in soils have demonstrated strongly fi xation of elements by different soil properties. Climate change and, respectively, soils redox cycles changes can affect the main soil properties and of their associated elements. In current work, contents and the main factors controlling the vertical distribution and accumulation of total, “pseudo-total” and water soluble forms of Sr and V in the agricultural soils formed under long-term fertilizer application were studied. Total Sr and V contents increased to 10% and 2% respectively with adding fertilizer. The contents of “pseudo-total” Sr and V forms increased to 20%. The concentrations of water soluble Sr and V forms increased to 65%. The contents of Sr and V were manly controlled by soil acidity levels and organic C content in studied soils. Additionally, Sr was associated with Ca-, P-, Mn-containing compounds and V with Al-, Si-, Fe- containing compounds. Knowledge of the chemical behavior of the Sr and V in the agricultural soils creates a scientific basis for risk assessment and remediation strategies.

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agricultural soils; fertilizer application; strontium; vanadium; soil properties; climate change

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