Impacts of natural disasters on farms and farmers in Malaysia

Muhammad Ali, Norsida Man, Farrah Melissa Muharam


Natural disasters particularly fl oods and land sliding in Malaysia are frequently caused by climate changes. The impacts are also faced by farms and farmers in the form of production loss, farm infrastructure and even on psychology of farmers. Consequently, agricultural sector is becoming more risky which would affect food security of the country. Current research was carried out to assess the level of impacts of natural disasters on farms and farmers in the last fi ve years. The impact level was measured on the scale of low, medium and high. The respondents were 360 farmers who were selected through one of the probability sampling techniques. The results revealed that climate changes in the form of natural disasters highly destroyed farm production, crashed irrigation and drainage facilities, and negetively affected emotions and psychology of farmers. The study recommends that various agricultural players such as public and private organizations, researchers, academia, students and policy makers are required to ponder profoundly on the impacts level and formulate strategies to facilitate farmers and their farms.

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agriculture, natural disasters, adaptation, climate change, Malaysia

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